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The Trojan War: The Epic in Art

Wednesday, June 19 at 8 pm Eastern via Zoom

The Trojan War: The Epic in Art

Renee Gondek

One of the most famous epic narratives of classical mythology is that of the Trojan War, a decade-long conflict over the possession of Helen, the most beautiful women in the world.

Pitting Greeks against Trojans, the war featured countless heroes like Achilles and Odysseus, and it was integral both to the psyche of the ancient Greeks and to the mythical foundation of the ancient Romans.

Our speaker recounts the story of the Trojan War and explores and weaves together multiple (and sometimes conflicting) strands of evidence from many periods of antiquity. She narrates passages from ancient literary sources including Homer’s Iliad (ca. 750 BCE) and Apollodouras’ Bibliotheca (ca. 100 CE) and illustrates the program with important artistic works, such as the famous Sarpeon Krater by Euphronios and the Laocoon Group in the Vatican museums.

Later representations of the Trojan War are also highlighted, such as Peter Paul Rubens’ Judgment of Paris and Nicolas Poussin’s Achilles Discovered on Skyros.

The Trojan War: The Epic in Art